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About us

A fast semi-informal oaxaca mexican food restaurant that celebrates mexican wresting. Tacos,burritos,and some more representative dishes of oaxaca as well as it's unmistakable and unique margaritas that is 100% natural made from scratch.

Lucha is characterized by using natural and some organic ingredients to be able to achieve the traditional process of the oaxaca food,since everything is created from scratch.In addition to taking care no to use preservatives and artificial flavoring and free of GMO though this makes the prices a little higher the motto of Lucha is to sene real food following the traditional process the characterizes oaxacan food world wide and not that which has made it worthy in 2020 as an intangible heritage of humanity.
Lucha II. opened it's doors benig known as Lucha 522 on september 3,2019 in the hands of Catalina Valdez an oaxacan immigrant who walked though Saint Louis and found an opportunity, to acquire the restaurant.
And thus be able to offer the word renowned traditional oaxaca food that is inherited from generation to generation. With some administrative problems in november of the some year 2019 Lucha 522 became of the same year 2019 Lucha 522 became.
Lucha II as it is currently now.Lucha II has kept it's doors open despite the pandemic and it's restrictions. Always working hard with it's motto of bringing quality nutritivos real food to your palate and your be plate and also to provide the community with a safe place to work.